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In All Generations on March 25, 2017 at 5:25 pm

I am a Boomer.  So is my husband. We are both retired – sort of.  We have to keep working at least part-time to make ends meet because, like many of our peers, our savings for retirement got wiped out in 2008.  We recently moved into an over-55 community.  Truth be told, some people here are in their 80’s, others are in their 50’s but married to older spouses (only one of you has to be 55 or over), so our neighborhood population has vast age variety.  Whether we like it or not (we don’t), we are now experiencing why it is said that “old age ain’t for sissies!”  Every day we experience things that keep us laughing in wonder.  Social security, forgetfulness, being treated like idiots by the younger generations — at first it was frustrating.  Now it is funny.  The cartoon strip “Pickles” seems to have been taken directly from our lives!

The purpose of this blog is to share our stories with you in the hope that if you can laugh with us, you will also be able to laugh with yourself when you start to experience similar things, or judge us differently than some of you do today.  These things do not make us weak, or bad, or inept.  They are just things that happen to all of us from time to time as we get older, and we all do get older some day.  They are things that we can own, embrace, and enjoy if only we will.  We do.  After all, they beat the alternative!

Today’s story is about tennis balls; you know, the things that some people joyfully chase around a tennis court and that dogs love to catch.   In an effort to save money on dryer sheets (I really like soft clothing), I purchased some special tennis balls that go into the dryer with your wet clothes to keep the clothes soft.  They are made out of lamb’s wool.  They are reusable.  And, they work.  Do you have any idea how easy it is to lose those damn balls when you are doing loads of laundry?  I do try to keep track of them, but they like to crawl into pockets, sleeves, and corners of bed sheets, not to mention corners of the laundry room when they fall out of arms full of laundry.  I was making the bed this morning, shaking down the pillow (my pillow, that I sleep on every night), and I encountered a  lump in the lower corner of the pillow slip.  A hard lump.  Having no idea what could possibly have crawled into my pillow without my knowledge (I just changed the sheets yesterday!), and knowing that whatever it was it had not disturbed my sleep at all last night, I reluctantly reached down into the depths of the pillow slip.  There it was.  A lamb’s wool tennis ball!   It was curled up nice and tight in the bottom corner, making a lovely lump in the pillow I was about to put on my bed.  In order to share the joy of finding and identifying the lump in my pillow, I took the whole thing to my husband and asked him to feel it and guess what it was.  He guessed right away.  It seems he has found them several times in the sleeves of his shirts.  Nice guy that he is, he did not call this to my attention.  He just removed the ball each time and put it back in the dryer, where I store them.  We started our day with a laugh at the wonders of life over 60 because nothing like this would ever happen to someone 59-1/2!  Right??  They keep track of their tennis balls!

And so it goes.  Every day is an adventure.  My guess is that anyone our age has had similar experiences and, trust me, it does no good to get angry, berate yourself for human foibles, or curse the tennis balls.  It’s much better to laugh.  Laughter keeps you young, brightens your day, and keeps you going.

Here’s hoping our laughter can bring your own opportunities to laugh, up  where they can be seen, felt, and enjoyed!  And maybe even our children will be able to laugh with us instead of shaking their heads in pity.  We are, after all, the same parents they used to love and respect.  We are just living out our next adventure and would be happy to share it with them!

Weekly, and sometimes daily,  stories are on their way for your pleasure, learning, and preparation for your own over-60 adventure. Stay tuned!


Connie Fuller, Boomer in Bloom


Where is Gen-X?

In All Generations, Baby Boomers, Generation-X, Millenials/Generation-Y on May 24, 2010 at 11:07 pm

We hear and read constantly about Baby Boomers and Millenials (Gen-Y).  But, what about the folks in the middle, our Gen-Xers?  How are they faring in an era when Boomers aren’t rushing to retire, and the 75-million Millenials are competing for jobs at lower levels with the roughly 35-million Gen-Xers?  For those who have been able to achieve management and leadership positions, how is it to lead people both older and younger than you?  What challenges are you facing?  Let’s hear it for and from Generation-X!


In All Generations, Baby Boomers, Generation-X, Millenials/Generation-Y on February 11, 2010 at 4:15 am

A multigenerational workforce presents challenges for every single member, regardless of the generation they are a part of, regardless of their position, regardless of their intent to make things work.  The best way to understand how to make the workforce work for all of us is to share our challenges, our ideas, and our wisdom to help all of us work together better.  I welcome your stories, your comments, your questions, and your challenges to this blog.